With final luxury tax figures reported, a brief comparison to our estimate

At the completion of this season, I published a final estimate of the Yankees’ 2016 Competitive Balance Tax liability for no discernible benefit. Last week, the final tax payments were reported (bold emphasis is mine):

A record six teams are paying baseball’s luxury tax this season, led by the Los Angeles Dodgers at $31.8 million and the New York Yankees at $27.4 million.

The Yankees are paying for the 14th straight year since the tax began, raising their total to $325 million. New York has said it hopes to get below the threshold by 2018.

There you have it. With $27.4M due to the league office, I underestimated what the Yankees owed. My forecast was for a $26.4M levy. That’s not too far off, especially after considering my disclosures regarding where my calculation could have gone wrong.

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